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Re: Editing Challenge No. 3

Originally Posted by wornish View Post
You got there - great job. Trial and error pays off in the end. Thats how we all learn.

If I was being really picky I would perhaps suggest you slightly reduce the lighting on the stonework around the windows real light would only spread a small amount and be less noticeable and fade the further away from the window edge it goes.

You have shown persistence and it delivered results.

Good fun this challenge - certainly kept me occupied. Some recent posts are certainly pushing the boundaries to the limit.
Agreed, I have overdone it a bit on the light spill. I was still tweaking it a bit when your reply came in and I stopped to look at the online video you linked to.

Edit: Here is the final version

From an original by Tim, inspiration by Dave. (This one not entered into the challenge as I borrowed the idea but feel free to comment).
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