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Re: Sony A7R II No Great Shakes

I’m delighted to see they’ve actually addressed most of the issues I had with the camera and have resisted upping the pixel count. As long as it delivers, it should now have much more usable throughput and speed for other than very ‘deliberate’ shooting, and the autofocus should be more usable. The focus selection joystick should be a major improvement over the multiple button presses needed on the mkiii. Not as pricy as I was expecting, either.

No mention of improved weather proofing (which means it’ll be the same, hence a bit risky in freezing/wet conditions) and it remains to be seen if they’ve improved the various small, irritating ergonomic issues (like the way the aperture readout in VF and rear screen changed to red when you were altering it, and hence became less readable!).

Another summary:

Too much Oly gear.
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