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Re: AF Fine Adjustment on E-M1 Mk II

Originally Posted by bassman View Post
I calibrated my
12-40mm 2.8 / 45mm 1.8 / 40-150mm 2.8 and 40-150mm + mc-14
The 40-150mm + mc-14 registers in the data set, as a 56-210 F4.0

With the 12-40mm I settled at -2 Tele/ -1 Wide
40-150mm -2 Tele/ no adjustment at Wide
45mm +4
56-210mm -7 ( I probably hadn't worked out how to adjust and save both ends of zoom when I did this calibration, will check again soon )

Was working at approx distance, 25x of each focal length tested.

I still have my doubts with M4/3's lenses as it doesn't save them with actual lens ID (lens model & ser no.) as it does with 4/3's lenses where it identifies the lens & TC combination etc.
With the 40-150 Pro lens & the MC14, the MC14 is a 'dumb' device & only identified in the lens with that extra connection pin (two on the lens, for possible other TCs), which then is in the lens data reported to the camera from the lens. The MC14 has a serial number but I haven't found any serial number for it in the EXIF data though (like I can for the lens). BTW, KUSO Exif Viewer V3.0 identifies the 40-150 Pro lens as Olympus Zuiko Digital 35mm F3.5 Macro Unknown Release (16) (unlike Oly Viewer 3 which IDs it correctly + MC14) but does give the lens serial number & firmware version.
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