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Just to annoy Jon - more snow scenes and birds in snow!

Well I have to admit to being somewhat disappointed myself today as we had been promised a bit of brightness in the sky but there was none - just dreary grey skies. However, not being ones to sit about, we spent an hour or so in our usual haunt but very local to us as, although all the main roads have been treated and are fine, the side roads are not and although public transport was up and running, it didn't seem sensible to leave town not knowing if we would get back!

Right on our doorstep (almost) this was the scene at the start of our jaunt -


Taken from a bridge close to the town centre a midwinter scene with snow and ice -


We also met a few of our feathered friends. Fortunately parts of the canal and also a large pond area at the side have areas that are unfrozen so things are not as bad as they might be and the narrowboat owners are generous with their leftovers!

Doh, my cover is blown - thought I blended in well with the snowy surrounds! -


This seagull obviously likes the snow - he/she is standing in an area of snow next to a completely clear patch alongside! -


and, finally, our seasonal friend, the robin, also perched on the snow! -


All taken with the OM-D, 70-300mm lens except No. 2, which was taken with the 50mm.

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