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Re: AA batteries

Originally Posted by Paulpp View Post
Thought people might be interested in the following reply from Olympus Customer Services - not tried it as yet, but it seems they have been looking into the issue.

"We have tried an E-3 here today with the HLD-4, using Duracell Power Pix AA batteries 1.5V Nickel Oxy Hydroxide, and have currently taken around 70 shots... this was using the flash, LCD screen, etc randomly whilst shooting.

It might be worth giving these a try.

You can purchase from RS Components - - hopefully the link will work.

Kind regards
I spoke to Lydia this morning as I think the camera in question is the one I have asked for to replace my current E3/HLD4. The plan is that once they have a fully functioning outfit I'll drive over and swap it for my kit. However I told Lydia that I won't accept one that only works with Nickel Oxy Hydroxide as the specification says it should work with AA alkaline and AA lithium. This must be a tricky issue for Olympus as some people have been successful with AAs and others haven't. I'm awaiting further developments.

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