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Re: e-pl1 discontinued?

Originally Posted by toastie View Post
well i have just received the olympus e-pl1 from my wife for christmas she got it from jessops when they did the twin lens deal and just wondered if it was because it was being discontinued as they dont even seem to stock it anymore?
also is the e-pl3 worth the extra money? the only reason i ask is i feel a bit let down by the plastic feel of the pl1
Hi Toastie,

The PL1 is still current as far as I know, but it has been around a while and there have been subsequent models in the range, namely the PL2 and PL3. Olympus position it as the budget, entry model to the Pen range and as such the mainly plastic construction is typical of what you would expect of any manufacturer's entry model.

The fact is, those PL1 twin lens kits represent fantastic value for money - it could be that Jessops don't stock them at the moment due to selling out over Christmas!

I still own a PL1, which is out on long term loan to a friend since I bought a P3. I will not deny that the P3 is a step up in terms of construction, feel, features, handling, performance (focus speed etc, not IQ), in fact just about everything. But it needs to excel, to justify the extra 600 your wife would have needed to pay to get a P3 twin kit! I qualified better performance from the P3 by excluding Image Quality; apart from a minor tweek you get the same sensor and the PL1 is capable of pictures every bit as good as from the P3.

The kit lenses that came with your PL1 are constructed to the same quality as those I got with my P3 and they are in the main cheap plastic, especially the mounts which I really would prefer to be metal. However, this does help to keep the weight down and doesn't affect image quality, which is extremely good for kit lenses - an advantage that Olympus has held over other major manufacturers for some time!

So don't fret about the construction of the E-PL1, take it out and enjoy it. Once you are accustomed to the handling (true of any camera) you will find that it is extremely versatile, capable of helping you produce some stunning pictures, and you will come to appreciate what an absolute bargain it really is!

Have fun and be sure to show us some pictures!

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