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Re: The Local Photo

Originally Posted by stevednp3 View Post
Hi Catkins, I was trying to find your site on here, as I wanted to contact you to make sure you was ok with me posting about this, sorry I couldnt remember you name , I hope I havent offended in anyway with this idea, but I thought our sites would be different enough.

If you wouldnt mind creating a link from your site for me I would most appreciate it and do the same in return

Thank you
Absolutely no problem in thought deed or action, so offence doesn't come into mind at all

And no problem at all to link to The Local Photo from my websites where possible - crossover links are a good way to help promote websites of interest and help them get picked up by the various search engines, so with this or any other sites that I feel happy to promote it's good to help out in a small way.

Would you like to PM me with a short resume about the new site and I will then use or adapt that and any logo (if available at this time) on my website.
And if Ian sees this, how about Olympus providing some logos etc., for us to link our passion and the cameras that we use?


PS - for those who don't know the real side of 'catkins', my name is Chris - hello!
If I'm out I'm JustSwanningAround
or more often at
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