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Re: Accesory wish list

Originally Posted by Ellie View Post

[bit about ringflash]

Oh heck, that's far too expensive, so out of the question. The thing is that I know that many people who do wildlife/insect/flower photography use ringflash to get rid of shadows/ensure even lighting ... or at least that's what I think they use it for. It's less hassle, and much quicker, than trying to set up reflectors that can frighten things away.
Fot that sort of money you can get the Metz ringflash, which as it works as a ttl flash controlled by the camera can be used alone or with other flashes.

Actually for insect photography I think general lighting of the area is very important, and something that provides basic background light in addition to the flash is very useful (or else you'll still be limited to very bright days), probably more important than the ringflash/conventional flash debate.

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