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Re: Accesory wish list

Originally Posted by emirpprime View Post
FL-36 - The Metz equivalent of the FL-36 takes 4 batteries and is compatible with the Oly wireless system AFAIK (please check though!). I've heard very good things. Don't forget though - if you are learning lighting going the "strobist" route could work well. Have a look at if you don't know it.
Being able to use flash is part of the course I'm doing, so not having one is a bit limiting! The strobist site is very good, loads to see/learn/read. Thanks
Originally Posted by emirpprime View Post
Ringflash - try the Ray Flash. It is one of the few around that gets good reviews. Also featured on the Strobist site - It is quite well stocked too so you can actually buy one! Think about why you want one though. These will not perform like "proper" ring flash - it is not nearly powerful enough. However it will get most of the effect for close up portrait work, just no full body shots.
Oh heck, that's far too expensive, so out of the question. The thing is that I know that many people who do wildlife/insect/flower photography use ringflash to get rid of shadows/ensure even lighting ... or at least that's what I think they use it for. It's less hassle, and much quicker, than trying to set up reflectors that can frighten things away.

I don't take many pictures of people, my subjects are very much smaller.
Originally Posted by emirpprime View Post
IR Trigger - normally you would use an IR trigger to trip the camera, and an IR/radio trigger on the camera's hotshoe / sync socket will trigger the flash. Is that what you want? Hama make some quite decent camera triggers.
I hadn't thought of Hama, I'll take a look.
Originally Posted by emirpprime View Post
Lightbox - good ones can be quite expensive, but you can diy. Again, browse the Strobist site - it is great for info on all this sort of stuff.
I tried rigging up something temporary quite some time ago, I might even have used info from Strobist. It was quite successful, but I didn't keep it because it was way too Heath Robinson. I need one to be able to take product shots, again for the course I'm following, but might well use it for other things afterwards.
Originally Posted by emirpprime View Post
Lightroom - has good prices for it usually - slightly cheaper than rrp.
Ah, didn't think of Amazon! Why ever not!
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