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Re: Accesory wish list

FL-36 - The Metz equivalent of the FL-36 takes 4 batteries and is compatible with the Oly wireless system AFAIK (please check though!). I've heard very good things. Don't forget though - if you are learning lighting going the "strobist" route could work well. Have a look at if you don't know it.

Ringflash - try the Ray Flash. It is one of the few around that gets good reviews. Also featured on the Strobist site - It is quite well stocked too so you can actually buy one! Think about why you want one though. These will not perform like "proper" ring flash - it is not nearly powerful enough. However it will get most of the effect for close up portrait work, just no full body shots.

IR Trigger - normally you would use an IR trigger to trip the camera, and an IR/radio trigger on the camera's hotshoe / sync socket will trigger the flash. Is that what you want? Hama make some quite decent camera triggers.

Lightbox - good ones can be quite expensive, but you can diy. Again, browse the Strobist site - it is great for info on all this sort of stuff.

Lightroom - has good prices for it usually - slightly cheaper than rrp.
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