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Re: SWD lense. FS

I think Jack was echoing the caution that many of us feel is appropriate when, as often happens, someone joins the forum and offers gear for sale in virtually the first post.

However, on this occassion I think Jack has misjudged as in the nearly four months that Forrester had been with us he has played a very full and active part in the forum. Indeed, he is only 5 posts short of Jack, who has been with us since July 2008!

I can appreciate Jack's concern and that it was well meant but in my opinion it is plainly unwarranted in this case. Indeed, I would be more than happy to buy some of this kit, if only I had the money! I am sure that this is the sort of unfortunate misunderstanding that can quickly be put behind us on what is one of the friendliest and most tolerant photographic forms.

Now, let's not forget the purpose of this thread, that Forrester has some very desirable gear for sale.

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