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Re: DxO Optics Pro 6

Originally Posted by Paul_S View Post
Ian I'm not splitting hairs and there will alway be those that prefere LR as you do.Although I can think of a DAM program that with a outside raw converter works as good if not better in windows in my opinion and it is just a opinion.

But thats digressing as all this came about from the statement and the DxO manual that says you can send a ORF from LR to DxO 6 and to which I quiried and thought was not possible and was a shortcoming of LR and to which no answer as yet been forthcoming!

I apologise if my thoughts have upset you Ian and I will refrain from advocating something else over LR on this forum.
No - I should apologise as my tone wasn't conveyed well! (sorry! ).

My point is simply that the vast majority of photographers will never adapt to the advanced features of the kind of DAM programs that you recommend. I'm one of them. That doesn't mean they are bad, or anything like that. But the reality is, in my humblest opinion, that LR will be more than adequate for most photographers, both as a DAM (and it's not terrible at that) and as a RAW converter. But above all, it works amazingly well within its limitations, and for most of us those limitations are hardly a problem.

I do understand your view on DAMs and that there are better RAW converters in terms of results, but LR is a remarkable overall solution that really sets usability standards.

I have tried many other solutions and LR simply works as an overall, tightly integrated solution. It's not perfect and I wish it worked differently in some ways; importing even when in develop mode, applying metadata changes outside of Library Grid mode, etc. But fundamentally, it's a revolution to my workflow and I have not in the least bit felt limited by the DAM side, and my database has 55,000 images in it.

I completely respect your choice, but I just felt moved to suggest that really advanced DAM functionality, while elegant and effective, is more of a luxury than a necessity. LR is already a challenging application to get started with and some DAMs I have come across are even harder to get one's head around!

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