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Re: Adobe LR - no more updates - options?

Originally Posted by Zogman View Post
... Last year I started using ON1 Photo RAW 2018 as an alternative. This year I'm on to ON1 2019. It's more than able to do all that LR can do, plus a lot more, without the overheads of a catalog. Well worth looking at as far as I'm concerned. I think next year I'll make the switch to ON1 from LR and leave the past behind (DV).
Thanks for the pointer to ON1. I've had a short play around with it, and it's a good bit of software for the money. I haven't compared the quality of outputs compared to LR because there are at least 2 features missing which I want, so sadly it's not able to all that LR can do.

1: The keywords are pretty good, best of the programs I've tried other than LR, but they lack keyword aliases, which I use.

2: The export dialog is pretty weak compared to LR, and lacking some features I use, like file limits & text watermarking.

It does look good though & I'll be having another look to see what enhancements they put in over the coming months.

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