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Re: Bought a Brand new MK1 E-M5

Originally Posted by Crazy Dave View Post
Paul, I just lost my resolve to stop feeding this guy's negativity and twisting, as for his claim to know what he is talking about, I hesitate to write what I really think. Here are a few of his statements.

Compaired to any camea I have ever owned the auto focus is total rubbish
In ..out settle Ok in focus bleep light on ..junk
Does not matter what lens you use 4/3 or M43 ...Junk

16mp AA filter junk autofocus, poor low light ,no mic input but the VR is good and its small and cheap but not up to any serious work

Well I let my friend have the M5 to test and it came back with an Olympus 14=42 IIR MSF......PERFECTION instant focus just like a nikon.

M10 too long ago to remember ...but the image quality was bad so I sold it

When the OM-D EM-5 was launched, Olympus claimed it had the "World's fastest AF". The EM-10 has the same sensor as the EM-5 and a later processing engine albeit with three step IBIS as opposed to five. This is my final post on this thread - perhaps!

Yeah, you're probably right. Refusing to show your images on a photo forum I guess speaks volumes.
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