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Re: Bought a Brand new MK1 E-M5

Well Zukio there is ...all the photos I have are from Nikon D810 so you wont want to look at those and when I did post on another site members use some google picture search tool to locate my website and cuaused problems sorry no .Judges from the MPA etc have given an opinon and thats enough for me.I pick up my nikons to make money and my olympus to relax ..Its low profile for street use if it gets stolen but 16mp and one card sorry too risky for commercial use . Now all relax respect others views and go enjoy your image making.
Retirement cut backs.. D7200 with 18-140, D850 with N 28-300, Samyang 14mm Tamy 100-400 + Nikon 200-500mm
Holiday cam .... Olympus OMD M5 + 14mm Panasonic .