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Re: Colours of North Uist and Benbecula

Thanks, folks.
Interestingly, the last 4 all use the telephoto end of the 12-100, and a couple of months ago I'd never have thought to swap to the 35-100 to take them.

A friend in my local camera club, whose opinion I respect, says she finds the blue of the sea a bit strong in the first one.
Now, I was more concerned that I might have tweaked the red/orange in the rocks too much, and in fact I've done nothing whatsoever to the blue sea (the only other colour work I've done is to darken the sky a fraction). Otherwise I've just done selective sharpening, clarity and structure on the foreground rocks, and selective structure on the streaming water in the foreground.

What do people think about the water colour? It did look like that to me at the time, but if it appears too strong to be believable I'll try reducing its contrast or saturation a tad.

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