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Re: Advice 2nd hand M5 Mk1 or New OM10

I saw a new (ex demo) copy of that three lens + E-M5 Mark 1 kit in our local John Lewis in January sales for around 500. Was tempted but didn't succumb in the end. It was heavily discounted by various retailers when the E-M5 II came out. The three lenses can be got new for a total of around 400.

If you bought any OMD and a cheap MMF-3 lookalike adapter (make sure it has electrical pass through so autofocus works) you could use your existing lenses on it - though for action photography autofocus for some FT lenses is a bit compromised on E-M10 and E-M5. So ... if funds permit, another possibility may be a used E-M1 with an adapter. E-M1 does autofocus better with old FT lenses. Big upgrade of camera, but they can sometimes be had used for 350 - 400. In fact WEX currently have E-M1 bodies (sold with a year warranty) in "9-" condition for 420-450. (Then later of course you might get seduced by faster auto-focussing MFT lenses ...)
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