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Re: Amateur Photographer NR Software Survey

Thanks for posting that, but you may have cost me money...

My workflow currently includes Capture One pro as raw processor and the Nik bundle, including Dfine2 when noise is intrusive, with occasional forays in to PS Elements. Since I do a lot of low light street shooting I do use Dfine fairly often, although the native tools in CO aren't bad. I regularly use TIFFs to move between the applications, so that's not an issue for me.

On the Sony forums there have been some highly impressive results posted with DxO, often in its stand-alone mode since a lot of Sony shooters use CO because it's given away with the cameras. The retention of detail seems very good indeed and the resulting images look more natural than seems easily possible with the Nik product.

I have been seriously considering getting it purely as a de-noiser: I'd say it's expensive for most people, but for someone trying to specialize in low light work, and for some sports etc, if looks better value. I've got no intention of ditching CO since I've used it for the best part of 10 years now (but if they moved to a subscription-only model I would review that decision and DxO seems OK as a raw processor in general).

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