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Re: faulty 17mm or normal ??

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
Whenever I read discussions about FL for street, the common response is 35mm (using a 35mm camera for reference), but for the photographer who is is slightly shy, I'd suggest a 25mm (HC-B himself used a 50mm on his Leica, so you'd be in good company). No one serious about street would recommend a zoom, you'll spend far too long pushing and pulling to capture the moment. A prime lens is a must, a short FL, and get in close. Once you get within the comfort zone of people on the street, they no longer view you as a threat - has origins in our hunting origins, I believe - but long lens photographers look creepy and are I suppose.
Also practice zone focusing, dead easy if the camera allows manual focussing, just set to f8 focus at 2 or 3 metres and everything will be in focus, and you have yourself a very fast point and shoot. I do not use AF, and in fact I'm rather out of love with AF much preferring the method outlined.
Thanks for the advice really appreciated
I am going to try to not get in habit of Pushing and pulling and dial in the focal length I want leave it. I will probably get 25mm prime if I get on with 50mm on this lens. I will be sure to try out Zone focusing on my next trip out

here are a few of my pics I have done in the past apart from the converse image that was taken today



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