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Re: Old vs. new

For E-10 I can not place my metz 52 flash as it's bigger and heavier than the camera
E-1 is nice solid oldschool, sometimes there is just the mood to forget the technology. For autofocus I liked the E-1 more as it felt more spot and I knew always where I got it and I strugeled to get in focus images at first with M10.
For E-M10 its really nice and compact with the compact zoom lens but the IQ of the lens is a bit low. I really liked the dials of E-1 (except AF/MF switch). For M10 it is possible to program couple of buttons but they could have kept the direct shortcuts for arrow buttons as they were in E-520. M10 power button is in a strange place and even worse is the flash button but E-1 didn't had flash at all
As the M10 works via adapter (got myself really cheap one from china) also with 4/3 lenses (except focus tracking) then I usually use M10 for the compactness and extra technology it is packed but from time to time I use E-1. Also what I noticed with E-1 that the composition mattered more because of there was not much to crop.
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