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Re: Pancake/Body Cap lens advice

Originally Posted by Doug View Post
As you are all so helpful , can I get some more advice please?

My E-PL5 came with a 14-42mm and a 40-150mm kit lens.
I have a Vivitar 70-150mm lens that I am getting an adaptor for.

I have been reading about the various pancake lenses and body cap lenses , and wondered if these are really a good option to leave on my E-PL5 as a general point and press type lens for snaps?
The reviews are split and I am really hoping for advice from someone with experience of these type lenses or a lot more knowledge than I have (being a newbie to this game.)
Thanks , in advice , for any assistance.
Hi Doug.
I don't have any experience of the "body cap" lenses but I think they are a bit of a gimmick really. They are fixed apperture f8, so not very bright and effectively manual focus.OK for a bit of fun but not very flexible.

I do have the mZ 14-42mm EZ f3.5-5.6 pancake zoom. I find this a very usefull and flexible little lens and it has very good close focus capability of 0.2m. I bought it originally to use with my Pen Mini E-PM2 back up body as a pocket camera but I now have it permanently on my E-M5 in my camera bag as a "body cap" to give me an instantly useable camera for opportunity shots.

You will find some shots taken with this lens in this thread of mine. If you scroll to the end of the thread you will also find some shots of how the Pen Mini with this lens on will fit in a jacket pocket which I took for another member who wanted a pocket combination. He subsequently bought one of these lenses.

This next thread has shots taken with the lens on my E-M5 which has the same sensor as your E-PL5.

This thread of "Zuiko's" on a day out together we had shows me using the E-M5/pancake combo and at post# 13 a couple of shots I took with it.

I bought my lens as an unboxed but new lens, split from a kit from Ffordes at a very advantageous price. They don't seem to have them any more but SRS at Watford have them on their website (but showing currently out of stock) for £169. It may be worth giving them a call as they are very helpful.

Hope this helps you.

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