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Re: Computer choice Mac or PC

Originally Posted by DerekW View Post
The prices tend to level out when you start adding applications.

The last version of OSX was free, last version of Windows was ???,
Aperture £55 ish - Lightroom £90ish,
Normal use office software Mac about £30, MS Office about £100
Most users need for Photoshop on a Mac - Pixelmator about £30 Photoshop a minimum of £100 up to £600 for the full PS. Or go Gimp which is free on both platforms.

The prices now start to level out.

The big advantage of the Mac platform versus the MS platform is that the software is written by the same company that makes the hardware. With Windows there is a disconnect between the hardware and software makers.
Come on Derek, apples with apples

You can get a comprehensive Office Suite free for Windows (Open Office).

There was a time when Aperture was arguably better than Lightroom, I'm not at all sure that's the case any more.

And there are literally thousands of very useful free Windows utilities out there.

And Windows 8.1 is a free upgrade from 8.0. Of course the cost of OSX is built in to the purchase price in the first place.

Yes most of the hardware is knitted into the OS but performance extras like discrete graphics will need third party extensions. Windows' hardware abstraction layer is now pretty good.

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