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Re: Computer choice Mac or PC

Originally Posted by dogsbody View Post
That it is food for thought Ian, the problem that I have with windows base laptops is that they just do not seem to last. I have an I pad one which still goes like a rocket, and has taken the brunt of family surfing and this now feels clunky despite being 3 years newer. A change of system always has risks, the last time I took such a leap of faith was from Pentax to Olympus!
There is no doubt that Macs are well made and so they ought to be for the price. If you buy a high-end premium price Windows laptop you will get the same sturdiness, but usually at a significantly lower price and less money.

The fact is that you can get a reasonably good Windows laptop for under 400. If you are paying 1700 for an entry-level MacBook Pro, just bear in mind that there will be some cost savings in the 400 laptop (you could but four cheap Windows laptops for the price of one entry-level MacBook Pro).

So in the end decide what you want from your laptop and how much you want to spend and if it's the MacBook Pro then do it My only concern is that more than a few people simply shell out for a Mac because 'it's a Mac' or for the style factor. Many Mac owners have made the right choice but the same applies to many Windows laptop users.

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