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Re: Birds in Flight Bif EM-5 and EM-1

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
I think they are over-sharpened - there are some halos around the high-contrast edges.


quite probably Andy & Ian, but the timing and focus are good, which is what I put them up for

(These are processed for web, not the original images, which I can assure you are not over-sharpened )

I should maybe explain what may seem a flippant comment - I am not putting these images up as example of my standard of photography, nor as examples of good BIF photography, purely as a bit of quick info on how the focus system on the EM-1 works for me with my range of lenses.

My primary use of my photographs is for prints, mainly for competition and sale, not for perusal on the web, so I take very little time to produce the best quality images for this use

In this case I have been rattling through over 600 shots / 1 hour session (did another this morning) and all that I am interested in examining and showing here is, is the focus system working in the mode I have it set - that's all.
So, whilst I value your input on these shots please don't feel that I am ignoring your thoughts on sharpening etc, I hear them - but they are not relevant to me in the context of what I am trying to do here

(Chevvy and Dave can tell you about the quality of my commercial work, having kindly visited one of my exhibitions this year )
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