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Olympus E3 gripped - Zuiko 12-60 - Zuiko 40-150 - Lumix DMW-FL500

Hi All,

Well i'm afraid its time to move on and sell my much loved camera equipment. I've enjoyed every minute of the journey, I think I've taken some okay shots and hope one day to return, if i'm welcome?

Anyways I best list the stuff before I get caught up in the moment, I am genuinely gutted to be selling up.

The Camera - Olympus E3 with Battery grip 475 + 5 postage
I've own my E3 since new, its got a shutter count of 13042
The camera and grip are in really really good condition, I like to pride myself in my ability to look after my equipment. Its been to Olympus for a service and the rear screen re-pair. The camera and grip come with charger, power lead, 4 Olympus batteries, wired remote shutter release, 8gig Kingston Pro Memory card, Extreme VI 4gig card and an Extreme 3 4gig card. Unfortunately I appear to have misplaced the box between my move from Scotland to Newcastle, however it will be well packaged when shipped.

Some pics..

The Lens - Zuiko 12-60 f.28 zoom - 425 + 5 Postage
The lens again has been owned from new. Its a superb lens, optically very sharp, no scratches or fungus. Elements are like new. Its in great condition. Lens hood has a few little scratches, however nothing major at all. The lens will come with a IR filter and a Circ Pol filter. Lens is boxed.

Some pics..

The Flash Gun - Lumix DMW - FL500 - 100 + 5 postage.
I've only owned the flash from new, The flash works great and is exactly the same as the Olympus FL50 (not the FL50R) Only issue is the battery door clips have broken so the door doesn't shut without assistance of a rubber band. Make me an offer if the price is too high. Flash works fine in TTL mode and all other modes. Not sure if spare battery doors are available. Great Flash gun.

Would sell the lot including a Mk1 Zuiko 40-150 and the Olympus pro backpack (with laptop compartment) for 1000 including delivery)

Any questions please ask, my email address is All the items are ready to be shipped, they are located in Hexham and I'm happy to travel 50miles radius to meet a possible buyer.

All the best
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