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Re: Dawn over the Gulf of Gocek

Originally Posted by bully74uk View Post
A cracking shot.

Being a newbie could someone explain how the blue affect is achieved ?

Would it be processing or some kind of filter OR just very clever photography
Despite the muted pink glow eminating from behind the mountains and starting to infuse the skyline in the picture, the sun had not yet risen. Therefore, the majority of light falling on the scene was reflected from the cold, blue sky overhead, hence the strong blue cast. The effect is accentuated by the mist in the atmosphere that causes the tones of the mountains to receed as they become further away from the camera, making the blue of the nearest hills appear even stronger to the eye.

No filter was needed to achieve this effect, although it's possible that photo owl may have used a pale blue correction filter or tweeked the white balance a little just to exaggerate the effect. The skill of the photographer in this instance was in getting up early to be there and recognising the very special quality of light that was available due to the remarkable natural conditions.

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