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I have recently become very interested in HDR images and, although some are overdone, I quite like the overall effects that can be achieved from just enhancing DR to changing the entire feel of the picture.

I downloaded the free trail of Photomatix and didn't realise that you can actually get some quite interesting results with single images as well as bracketed photos.

Here is a non-tweaked image, taken with my E-520 and kit lens, of the main square in Avignon:

and here is that same image 'tone mapped' with Photographix:

This was after just 10 minutes of playing around.

Now you may not like the finished article but I feel that it works quite well. Even if you don't like the extremes to which I've taken it I can definitely recommend downloading the free trial and having a play as you can achieve some stunning results. Even on images you haven't originally bracketed.

The trial doesn't run out but does leave a watermark in the end image. The full 'pro' package is $99 or the basic package is $39.

Download here:

I shall definitely 'play' some more and, probably, buy the full package.

I thought I would share it here for you information and thoughts.
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