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Re: Lensmaster Gimbal


Yes Lensmaster products have high quality, are well designed, nice to operate and all at a reasonable price tag.

I have been using the Lensmaster GH2 head since 2011. It adds some weight compared to the GH1 but it is more versatile and the design means that the centre of rotation is above the centre of gravity of the lens/body. This means that the setup will have a natural tendency to return to its level position. My GH2 came equipped with a Giotto quick release. Robert was kind to provide advise regarding suitable attachments for the lenses I am using and helped me in sourcing extra long plates. A long plate is a prerequisite to achieve balance if you are using lenses with a long barrel motion, for instance the Bigma, or my Skywatcher scope where the focuser extracts about 15 cm from infinity to close focus. If you are using lenses with short barrel motion then a short plate should work OK.

I am 100% satisfied and can recommend the product.


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