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Re: The Forgotten Camera

I would wait and see what new E510 go for.

The IS can be a life saver. The prices will probably drop as dealers try to shift older stock.

Ebay may have some bargins as well.

I was aware of a minor problem affecting the E400, pixel mappingand RAW.

If you have any hot or dead pixels and you shoow RAW you may have problems. If you run the pixel mapping feature, it show map them out. However I had to send one unit back to Olympus for them to map out pixels as the camera mapping feature did not work. The E400 that I recently got as hot pixels. I ran the mapping and it appeared to work. However I now shoot RAW, and it appears that the E400 does not map out any hot pixles when using RAW mode. If I use JPG it appears to work.

I have had two E400s and they both had the same problems.
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