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Re: Split Screen Viewfinder

Just for the record - when the E-1 was launched it had a standard focussing screen designated the FS-1. This was mostly plain, it had a few markings to show metering and autofocus areas and no manual focus aids. They offered one alternative screen, the FS-2, which was the same as the FS-1 but had a grid of lines etched on it. No focus aids like a split-image or microprism. Changing the screen was done by the user, and was very similar to the old OM film bodies. The FS-2 came in a fancy plastic case with a pair of tweezers, you pulled a tab in the body and a frame which supported the screen dropped down. The screen had a tab on one side that fit the tweezers, you would lift the screen out and stand it on its end in the slot in the fancy box, put the other one in and clip the tray back in place.

It was a bit pointless with only one alternative screen, although I found the lines on the FS-2 quite useful in reducing the frequency of wonky horizons. But as we said earlier the fact that the body was designed for changing screens meant that we could use third-party ones if we wanted.

Ciao ... John
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