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Old 1st October 2011
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slow shutter

Hi, Can anyone advise on the following problem? please. I have recently started on a couple of photographic courses at a local college and on an outdoor shoot the other day in bright sunlight I noticed that when I changed into manual mode from presets the shutter action slowed right down, more like being in "B". As the tutor likes us to use aperture or shutter priorities I was in a bit of a pickle not having fully read the book and the tutor(bless her) had not a clue either not having any experience on Olympus cameras.
Anyway today I got out the old tripod and carried out some tests: with ISO set at 800 high limit I first took shots using 14-42mm lens in Auto, P and the presets
noting the shutter speed and aperture each time, I then
entered the same info but in A then in S along all focal lengths for that lens. In each case the shutter when pressed in A,S or M was very slow.Same thing with the 40-150mm lens.
I then tried a 28mm OM lens with adapter and that worked OK. Is it me, is it the camera, Or do I need to Read The Book again.
I have experience of manual settings from my old Yashica days.

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