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Re: What will be the substance of the announcement

I have no problem with EVF and mirrorless. In fact I very much look forward to it. It is the way to go in my view. Flapping mirrors are no longer necessary and we should move on.

The commercial drivers to bias towards M43 are obvious. I have no doubt as to the likely technical capabilities of any new camera and that the market is now firmly established.


For me the big issue is size. I like a bigger camera for its handling. I went from an E520 to an E3 and found the handling a revelation. On that basis my worry is that the new "E7" may be too small. I have tried the OMD and simply did not like the size and found it awkward. Super camera in most respects of that there is no doubt but sadly it did not work for me.

Handling is as much a part of a good camera as high ISO, fast focus etc. etc. A camera is a tool like any other and should work for you. If it doesn't feel good then you are not going to get the best out of it or enjoy using it.

I have put money aside for the new camera but if the size/handling is wrong, no matter what the other capabilities are, then I may well say goodbye to Olympus and use that money to change systems. Very much not want I want to do as I have gradually built up a nice selection of glass and do not want to start all over again. Indeed I have just purchased a 12-60 SWD from a forum member and love it. I hope that does not turn out to have been a foolish expenditure.

I do find the general thrust these days in many area of consumer technology that small is best to be misplaced. For many small is actually worse. How many of us struggle texting on the small screen keyboard of a smartphone! Great for my 19 year old daughter but pretty poor for someone who is a few weeks off his 60th and over 6 feet tall with proportionally sized hands which aren't as nimble as they once were.

So here's hoping my anxiety is misplaced and the new body, or bodies, have good handling. If so this is almost certainly one assured purchaser. If not then all bets are off as I may well be.

I've worked hard to be this grumpy. It hasn't been easy at times but it's worth it.
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