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Re: What will be the substance of the announcement

"If my assumptions, expectations and guesses prove to be true, the group whose concerns will not be addressed will be users of the E-4xx, E-5xx and E-6xx ranges, mainly because many will be unable to afford the new camera. It is those photographers that I really feel for."

That's an interesting point John as one of those concerned that gives me two options either to wait for price drops when a further generation model is released or to sell up and go for a different system in the short term. The release price will probably be the determining factor for me, if it's too high then I'm afraid my patience won't hold out and I'd probably jump for something like a Pentax K5 (current body available for £500). So effectively the more over £500 the new camera is will be balanced against how much I'd rather stay with Oly lenses and how the EVF feels against a large OVF. If the new camera body only is in the £1000 or over range like the EM5 was at release then I'm going to have a very difficult decision.
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