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What will be the substance of the announcement

For Ian
Whilst I understand the need for Olympus to keep a competitive edge by not leaking out forthcoming announcements can you at least give us an indication that the substance will be something tangible such as a new body or adapter rather a promise of something by the end of the year.

It concerns me that Ianís questions pre Japan were designed to test what customers want to see. I thought we had the promise of a solution at the beginning of the year. What we really need now is something we can fiddle with not more promises.

I have started this thread as I have tried many times to register on the fourthirds forum only to be rejected because it says my email has spam. I have checked this and have no spam in my account. I see that the forum complains of lurkers I am one of those for the simple reason I am unable to register.

This is the reply I would like to have posted.
What would make me very unhappy is;
1 for Olympus to offer nothing for the pure 4/3 user.
2 That your question about likes and dislikes for a new body now is a delaying tactic. Surely if Olympus have a solution for 4/3 lenses it has already been developed otherwise we are in the wait for another 6 months
3 A camera that offers no improvement over auto focusing (E3/E5) using the swd lenses.
4 Smaller size (E3/E5) at the expenses of dials

All my equipment is 4/3 E3 E5 both swd lenses and many others but no SHG. To offer a m4/3 camera that may be able to use 4/3 glass is no option for me. I brought an E5 this year in the hope that Olympus could not afford to drop 4/3 glass. When will people accept that it is the quality of the glass that that really makes use of the high pixel sensors. Olympus has to my thinking some of the best quality reasonably priced lenses on the market in their 4/3 range do they really want to confine these to the photographic museums? There is money in the amateur photographic market just look at the equipment Canikon users are spending. I would like to buy SGH glass but will not until I am sure that Olympus will support 4/3 bodies. If Olympus wants more of my money it has to be an next gen E5.


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