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Re: An expensive “Hobby”

Originally Posted by Graham_of_Rainham View Post
Can this be anywhere near the truth or just another load of “twaddle”?

Top ten most expensive hobbies

Hobby Average cost per year
Photography £4,596.16
Scuba diving £3,925.54
Rock climbing £3,714.10
Skiing £3,660.90
Piano £3,529.61
Cello £3,006.92
Djing/mixing £2,914.68
Martial arts £2,911.30
Clarinet £2,460.80
Horseriding £2,433.70

Where do they get those figures from?

Are these the same people who fabricate, sorry, calculate the cost of capital projects in this country?

Photography is only expensive if you buy equipment all the time and most of us don't.

I really don't get why playing the piano should be so expensive either. Once you have the instrument it only needs tuning once a year at a cost of about £50 - £75 and should last for at least 50 years if looked after.

As in business accounts, capital costs and the value of fixed assets should be written down over the reasonable service life of the asset, and at no more than the 18% per annum currently allowed by HMRC.

I am also surprised that horse riding costs so little. Assuming the rider purchases a horse, as they would a camera, they would need to stump up the costs of stabling, renting a field or paddock, insurance and feed. Then there are the Vets bills which can be astronomic!

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