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Re: Bought a Brand new MK1 E-M5

Thats the kind of response I was hoping for ...its still in 12 m warrantee from Camera Jungle ( jessops) so if its not right please help me check.
I sold the M4/3 14-42 because it was no better than the 4/3 14-42 I use with an adaptor.
I am use to Nikons Bang focused instantly ..this camera seems to overshoot..come back ..shoot the other way then forward again and lock ..couple of seconds at least..any action you missed it.

So is this normal ??
Retirement cut backs.. D7200 with 18-140, D850 with N 28-300, Samyang 14mm Tamy 100-400 + Nikon 200-500mm
Holiday cam .... Olympus OMD M5 + 14mm Panasonic .