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Re: Snaar snaps: Village life

Today has been overcast. The southeast has had sun, but we have been just under the edge of the cloud all day.

Never mind. I noticed there were workmen in the church today, so I knew it would be unlocked. I borrowed a tripod and shot some views with 7 bracketed shots. Clearly (as Nick T.F demonstrates very well) there is more to photographing church interiors than meets the eye...

Anyway this is a very basic combination of two exposures, and will have to do until I have a serious go at HDR.

Its a nice light interior and - yes - the walls do lean out in a rather alarming manner. (Parts of the church are over a thousand years old, in fact I lean out in an alarming manner on occasions and I have yet to see sixty).

Actually I just noticed something:

The stone sundial outside has a remote control on the inside. The traveller pokes a stick in the sundial, then goes inside and adjusts the thing on the wall until it tells the right time :-)
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