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Re: Lr 6

I'm not sure they ship it on CD any more. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think even the full boxed version from Amazon, PCWorld, etc, simply contains the product key now! I also have the standalone version (6.x) and don't want the cloud version. I've downloaded it for the last few years now, without problem - is there a reason you want a physical CD? They are really pushing the cloud and it can be difficult to find the standalone version on Adobe's site. If you haven't already, try this link, choose Lightroom and change "full" to "upgrade".

I seem to remember when I installed 6 it insisted on creating me some sort of trial CC account - but you don't have to sign up for subscriptions. There's a rumour that version 7 should be released soon (current version is 6.9) but whether that's true - and whether it will be available standalone - remains to be seen. If they force us through to CC route, I may try Capture One...
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