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Re: Olympus vs JJC lens hoods.

Originally Posted by OlyPaul View Post
I also have the JJC metal hood for my 17/1.8, I also brought the Oly metal hood for my 75mm.

Now where as the JJC hood uses a screw that presses directly on the lens body to hold it in place, the Olympus one for the 75mm has a metal band inside the hood that tightens around the lens when the screw is tightened and I cannot help wondering if this is the difference that with the JJC one the screw end presses directly onto the lens body, but as I do not own one of each I cannot say for sure.
That's interesting. My JJC metal hood for the 17mm f1.8 does have that expanding metal band, exactly as my genuine Olympus hood for my 75mm.

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