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Re: Olympus vs JJC lens hoods.

Originally Posted by Thomas Westhead View Post
Hi Guys,

I have just recently bought a JJC LH-J48 Lens hood the rectangular type for my m4/3 ZD 12mm f2 it is a replacement for the Olympus LH-48.

The quality seems great and it is nearly 30 cheaper than the Olympus hood, I must say when I removed it from the box I was Very impressed with all aspects of the hood.

My question is what do other Olympus users prefer to use? original Olympus or an aftermarket brand, also what is the general opinion of JJC hoods relative to quality of manufacture and finish?
I had a JJC hood for my Oly 75mm f1.8. It seemed okay but the silver finish marked quite easily. I now have a black 75mm with the Oly hood and I have to say it is much better in terms of fit and finish.
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