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Originally Posted by theMusicMan View Post
Morning all

Well, having read the comments posted yesterday evening and overnight on here, I thought I'd best respond - because now I am worried, seriously.

In my introductory post to this thread I tried to set an expectation that all I am able to do here is show how I have managed to get some half decent IR images at a very reasonable cost, and to explain things such as filter details, the camera settings et al so that those who might want to give this gnre a go are aware of the settings I use to achieve the shots I manage, and can then use these as a starting point for their trials and experimentations. Honestly folks, reading the comments that have been posted re your expectations... though I appreciate what's said you've got me worried - I really am no expert in IR photography, and would hate to think I have misled anyone who might be expecting me to write a wonderfully detailed tutorial, or post anything along the lines of the excellent Mr Wrotniak. This is simply not the case as there's no way I have the knowledge to write to that level of detail and expertise.

So, maybe this is my fault? maybe, despite my attempts not to, I set expectations too high and have been hoist by my own petard? maybe I shouldn't have posted the thread until I had something prepared? My apologies if any of these are the case. In any event, please forgive me if I've set expectations I'm not able to live up to. I didn't realise there'd be so much interest and that such a subject would be so hotly perused!
Hi John,

What I'd like to see is some IR images you produced that have pleased you, plus exposure details, post-processing tips, and any other bits and pieces you have discovered. Some stuff on Lightroom and IR effects would be also welcome - I know you have played around with it.

I think the emphasis on using those oh-so-tempting filters from eBay is good. Once you have kicked things off, I'm sure others will wade in to the thread, with advice on camera conversions etc.

To be honest, there are loads of articles out there - and the more of them you read the more confused you get! Some good practical advice based on Oly kit is all that's needed.

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