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Re: Introduction to affordable IR Photography

Morning all

Well, having read the comments posted yesterday evening and overnight on here, I thought I'd best respond - because now I am worried, seriously.

In my introductory post to this thread I tried to set an expectation that all I am able to do here is show how I have managed to get some half decent IR images at a very reasonable cost, and to explain things such as filter details, the camera settings et al so that those who might want to give this gnre a go are aware of the settings I use to achieve the shots I manage, and can then use these as a starting point for their trials and experimentations. Honestly folks, reading the comments that have been posted re your expectations... though I appreciate what's said you've got me worried - I really am no expert in IR photography, and would hate to think I have misled anyone who might be expecting me to write a wonderfully detailed tutorial, or post anything along the lines of the excellent Mr Wrotniak. This is simply not the case as there's no way I have the knowledge to write to that level of detail and expertise.

So, maybe this is my fault? maybe, despite my attempts not to, I set expectations too high and have been hoist by my own petard? maybe I shouldn't have posted the thread until I had something prepared? My apologies if any of these are the case. In any event, please forgive me if I've set expectations I'm not able to live up to. I didn't realise there'd be so much interest and that such a subject would be so hotly perused!

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