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Introduction to affordable IR Photography

Hi All

I have been asked privately if I would consider creating a series of informative threads that might provide an introduction to IR photography. I'd like to add here that I really do not in any shape or form consider myself an expert in any aspects of photography, let alone IR stuff, and am extremely flattered/honoured to have been asked would I consider doing this. In any event, with my limited knowledge I will of course draft a series of threads covering how I have gone about doing some IR photography; what filters I've used, my camera settings, what I have done, where I started etc.

The only real way I can do this with any credibility, is by focusing the info on what I'd consider 'affordable' IR Photography i.e. obtaining and using IR filters - as this really is my only area of knowledge... and little knowledge at that.

I am not sure how long each thread will be, nor how many there will be... but I'll provide information that works for me and will hopefully allow others to start experimenting with IR photography.

So, coming up a little later - maybe this evening if not, very soon; is the first - maybe even the only thread - on 'affordable' IR Photography.

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