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Re: Adobe's next Lightroom...


Yes and I'm seriously miffed by this. I've a 2 Ghz G5 PowerPC I bought in mid 2004 and it's effectively rendered obsolete by Snow Leopard. I was hoping that, despite Snow Leopard, Adobe would continue to make Universal applications at least for CS5 and LR 3, but alas not the case.

Every ones says no matter, the G5 is still a great machine. Well it's not much point having a great machine if it doesn't run the latest versions of software that I use.

Agreed, at the moment it doesn't matter much as Lightroom 2 reads my E30 raw files and once they've been converted to DNG I can then use CS3. However, it does mean that when I next next buy a new camera (possibly whatever replaces the E3) I will most likely have to buy a new computer as well.

I don't expect a computer to last forever, but I don't think that a machine that is five years old is that old. Apple was pushing the G5's right up to the point they dumped IBM and switched to Intel. G4 uses have got a good long life out of their machines, G5 users have, in my opinion, been seriously short changed.

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