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Re: LCE em1x

I tend to agree with both of you as I got into Olympus cameras as they were small and light. To be honest the M1 mk2 with a pro lens on is heavier than I'd like but definitely as heavy as I'm willing to go. However, what I can't understand now that they have a large body in the 1X is why they can't just open it up a bit and fit in a full frame sensor. Couldn't they then make either an extension tube or an add in lens to get the images from existing m4/3 lenses to fill the sensor? Then you'd have a FF camera with an MX body and m4/3s lenses. I doubt an adaptor would add much extra weight and the combo would be way lighter than any current FF camera kit. I'm sure there is a lot to this and many reasons why it wouldn't work but if anyone can explain why I'd like to know.
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