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Re: The Invasion Has Started.

All this talk of the NHS and whether it's up for grabs in a US trade deal makes me smile. I understand that May had to whisper in Trump's ear the meaning of the acronym "NHS" so it's clear that Trump really has no plan or strategy to take over our NHS (if indeed he has a plan for anything!). And in any case, whatever trade deal is done, the NHS will be run as the government decides it should be run. That already includes a significant amount of outsourcing and purchasing and I see no reason why a new trade deal would not have an impact on that. Healthcare is a huge part of any Western country's economy so why wouldn't it be in some way a factor?

If keeping the NHS as a mainly tax-payer-funded service that is free at the point of use is important for you, then you'd be best advised to look to left-leaning, EU-friendly parties since both the Tories and Farage's lot would sell it off quicker than you can say "no deal"!
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