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Re: Park Camera's offer.....!

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
Of the two, the Z6 would be my choice.
I downloaded some Z6 raw files. One shot was taken inside a hangar at ISO 100 and exposed for the outside. So, I used Lightroom to bring the shadows up. At shadows +100 the interior was nicely illuminated - not crazy, still a little dim, but enough to see the interior detail. At first, I was very impressed, but then i looked at the metal beams in the roof and found very significant banding. Really ugly. There's a lot of talk about this on the internet if you go looking. The A7iii seems not to do this. Lots of Z6 (and Z7) users defend the camera saying they've never seem it, but it's very obvious on this particular shot. I'll download the example later. It's one of the DPReview sample shots.

I very often push shadows hard so in fact this sort of problem would be an issue for me. Sigh ...
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