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Re: Salt & Vinegar?

Originally Posted by Jim Ford View Post
I've got an ex GPO moving coil multimeter (it may be a Taylor - I don't currently have it to hand). I got it off a stall in St Albans that used to sell surplus equipment cheap. The needle was stuck and I discovered that it was owing to a small piece of iron swarf on the magnet. I removed it with sellotape and it's been fine.

Moving coil meters are still useful for 'peaking'.

Moving coil meters are much nicer to use than digital. They might not be quite as accurate or as sensitive but they do everything that we want most of the time.

I also find that DMM's encourage over analysis where it isn't needed. Actually the high impedance of DMM's often results in erroneous results which wouldn't happen with a 20 KΩ/Volt analogue meter.

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