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Re: Geotagging with Oi.Share now with Oi.Track...

Sorry to revive this slightly old thread, but I've just been through the same process having not used geotagging for some time (E-M1 Mk1). Olympus Track loaded ok, then I've also went through the "No images taken during the recorded log" stage, but when I moved to the next stage, the log times displayed are an hour earlier than the actual time, despite both phone and camera showing the same time. Where I ran a log for more than an hour and then uploaded the tags, they showed the location an hour before the picture was taken.

I normally keep the camera set to GMT, even in the summer, but syncing the camera to the app has changed the camera time to BST - if it hadn't the log would be correct. There seems to be no way to change this (apart from altering the camera setting and not syncing); has anyone else had the same problem, even more, has anyone solved it, or what am I doing wrong?
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