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Re: Olympus E-M5 Mark ii Camera (Black)

Originally Posted by Surface View Post
I see from e-bay that you sell tons of Olympus camera stuff. More than a normal person with a hobby of photography would even buy. Are you a trader?
...and who are you to judge what is normal for a person to buy/sell to differentiate between a hobby and a trader?! What is normal to one person may not necessarily be the case for call him out is a bit off IMO.

I, like most people, post across a lot of photography forums (and others, due to my breadth of hobbies) - I can vouch for Levster from the MU-43 can see from his posts on that forum that he switches between systems, as many also do. If you think he flips a lot, make sure you never become an Audiophile, get into AV or have an interest in watches! Those are hobbies that definitely keep the logistical firms of this country in business.

Levster, good luck with the sale...if it had been a silver body I'd have snapped it up. The price is good enough to have made me consider purchasing it.
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